Good afternoon everyone! I'd been knocking around the idea of making this chart for a while, and it took me way less time than I thought it would thanks to the 2016 Election Central page . These dates are tentative, so be sure to double and triple check, so that you don't miss your chance to vote in the Primaries in 2016! Some of the dates below are marked "Caucus" - here's why! I've made it no secret that I'm seriously feeling the Bern for 2016, and this webpage, while absolutely pro-Bern, nevertheless provides detailed registration and state-by-state deadlines for Democratic primaries. I highly suggest you check it out! Finally, and I could not mean this more, I DO NOT CARE who you're planning on voting for, I CARE that the United States comes together to vote, and makes sure we have a President that is truly representative of what the nation wants, on the whole. In order to uphold the democracy put forth by our founding fathers, we must all educate ourselves, and make a responsible and informed vote. So please, register now, and be a part of this historic and watershed election.   Bonus: For Sanders-Fans, check out People's War's post about how Bernie can win the Democratic nomination!
State Primaries/Caucus (BOTH) Primaries/Caucus DEM Primaries/Caucus GOP
Alabama,AL Tues, March 1
Alaska,AK CAUCUS - Sat, March 26 (DEM) Tues, March 1 (GOP)
Arizona,AZ Tues, March 22
Arkansas,AR Tues, March 1
California,CA Tues, June 7
Colorado,CO CAUCUS - Tues, March 1
Connecticut,CT Tues, April 26
Delaware,DE Tues, April 26
Florida,FL Tues, March 15
Georgia,GA Tues, March 1
Hawaii,HI CAUCUS - Sat, March 26 (DEM) CAUCUS - Tues, March 8 (GOP)
Idaho,ID Tues, March 8 (GOP)
Illinois,IL Tues, March 15
Indiana,IN Tues, May 3
Iowa,IA CAUCUS - Mon, Feb 1
Kansas,KS CAUCUS - Sat, March 5
Kentucky,KY Tues, May 17 (DEM)
Louisiana,LA Sat, March 5
Maine,ME No Firm Date as of 11/6
Maryland,MD Tues, April 26
Massachusetts,MA Tues, March 1
Michigan,MI Tues, March 8
Minnesota,MN CAUCUS - Tues, March 1
Mississippi,MS Tues, March 8
Missouri,MO Tues, March 15
Montana,MT Tues, June 7
Nebraska,NE CAUCUS - Sat, March 5 (DEM) Tues, May 10 (GOP)
Nevada,NV CAUCUS - Sat, Feb 20 (Dem) CAUCUS - Tues, Feb 23 (GOP)
New Hampshire,NH Tues, Feb 9
New Jersey,NJ Tues, June 7
New Mexico,NM Tues, June 7
New York,NY Tues, April 19
North Carolina,NC Tues, March 15
North Dakota,ND No Firm Date as of 11/6
Ohio,OH Tues, March 15
Oklahoma,OK Tues, March 1
Oregon,OR Tues, May 17
Pennsylvania,PA Tues, April 26
Rhode Island,RI Tues, April 26
South Carolina,SC Saturday Feb 27 (Dem) Saturday, Feb 20 (GOP)
South Dakota,SD Tues, June 7
Tennessee,TN Tues, March 1
Texas,TX Tues, March 1
Utah,UT Tues, March 22
Vermont,VT Tues, March 1
Virginia,VA Tues, March 1
Washington,WA CAUCUS - Sat, March 26 (DEM)
West Virginia,WV Tues, May 10
Wisconsin,WI Tues, April 5
Wyoming,WY No Firm Date as of 11/6
Puerto Rico Sun, June 5 (DEM) Sunday, March 13 (GOP)
District of Columbia Tues, June 14