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Broke, Haphazard Tiny Pies

Good afternoon all and welcome back to Broke, Haphazard cooking, featuring your host, ME! Pictured here in pajamas playing video games. As promised a really long time ago, here’s a vague recipe I made for miniature vegetable pies, and also some… Continue Reading →

Broke, Haphazard Friendsgiving Menu – Stuffed Mushrooms

For my family Thanksgiving dinners, for years, my responsibility has been to make the stuffed mushrooms, and to make and then forget to serve the stuffed artichokes. (Mushrooms disappear fast, artichokes get served with dessert and are ultimately my lunch… Continue Reading →

Broke, Haphazard Friendsgiving Menu: Black-Bean Squash Soup

So, no pictures from the test run of this soup, because we literally ate it too quickly. Sopped the dregs up with bread and scraped the pot. This soup disappeared. But it was just  as pretty as it was delicious…. Continue Reading →

Haphazard, Broke Cooking – Mid-afternoon-evening French Toast

Hello everyone, it’s once again time for Broke, Haphazard Cooking – WITH YOUR HOST – ME! (shown here in a bathroom) This time we’ll be making the best french toast possible Ingredients: -All of your eggs (probably 2 eggs) -Challah… Continue Reading →

Haphazard, Broke Cooking

  Good evening ladies and gents and welcome to Haphazard, Broke Cooking with your strangely charming host:  Me! (shown here looking better than normal)   So this evening we’ll be working on miniature fridge-content pizzas. Ingredients: Jarred tomato sauce (we… Continue Reading →

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