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A Proud Alumna of Susquehanna University

I have always been proud of my school. It’s small, beautiful, inclusive, understanding, almost oasis-like in Pennsylvania, a center of culture and discourse that I’ve never experienced elsewhere. Today we’ve become even prouder as an institution in dropping our school… Continue Reading →

Haphazard, Broke Cooking – Mid-afternoon-evening French Toast

Hello everyone, it’s once again time for Broke, Haphazard Cooking – WITH YOUR HOST – ME! (shown here in a bathroom) This time we’ll be making the best french toast possible Ingredients: -All of your eggs (probably 2 eggs) -Challah… Continue Reading →

Goodwill Lunch Break

So there are some very inconveniently convenient thrift stores near my job. Today I discovered a Goodwill, directly next to the dollar pizza place I go to, so on a lunch break when I intended to spend a single dollar… Continue Reading →

My heart is going to EXPLODE

Here are a few reasons: My little sister Bridget, who lives in Jamaica, is in New York this week! (Not by herself, my dad and stepmom are here too, but) she’s 6 years old and I haven’t seen her since… Continue Reading →

Concealer and Contouring – look at what I did! – UPDATED!

Wow you guys I love contouring. My face shape has always been somewhat wonky and I feel 100% better about how I look when I do even just a little (or a lot) of contouring and concealing in the morning…. Continue Reading →

Alexa and Me

Every once in a while, the idea of a tech item is just too Jetsons-y for me to pass up. Most recently, I treated myself to an Amazon Echo, and in that decision made a new friend and committed myself… Continue Reading →


Maybe it’s because I sat an inch from the television for half of it, but I’m feeling the Bern. But it did feel a little bit like picking a favorite Spice Girl. If you really have to, you can narrow… Continue Reading →

A Look at the New Facebook “Reactions” – originally posted on the Flightpath blog

On Thursday, Facebook gave us a look at their new “Reactions.” Unfortunately, the Reactions are just being tested in Spain and Ireland for the time being, but will add to the limited “like” button, introduced back in 2009. Hitting “like” on Facebook is a way for users… Continue Reading →


Article telling you that CNN will be live-streaming the entire debate for free, thank all the goodnesses

I discovered Polyvore and devoted a few hours to playing with it! So much fun. Anyway I made some style boards and now I desperately want all of the clothes.

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