Good evening ladies and gents and welcome to Haphazard, Broke Cooking with your strangely charming host:  Me! (shown here looking better than normal)   So this evening we'll be working on miniature fridge-content pizzas.


Jarred tomato sauce (we will not be using my mother's perfect tomato sauce recipe for these tiny pizzas)

Old tortillas (or new ones I guess)



Mozzarella and parmesan cheese

Baby spinach (because you bought it and now you have to trick yourself into eating it)

Basil that you grew on your windowsill but is slowly dying so you'd better eat it first

  Step One: Spread hummus and tomato sauce on your tortillas, and put them on your silpat or parchment paper, on your cookie sheet or relevant pan. 20150903_192406 Step Two: Chop up some tomatoes that you are pretty sure are yours and throw them on top. 20150903_192516 Step Three: Chop up your spinach and basil and throw it on top of the tomatoes. 20150903_192622 Step Four: Throw a ton of cheese on top 20150903_192914 Step Five: Remember that you didn't preheat the oven. Preheat it to 350 degrees because that's what you've been setting the oven to your entire life and you see no reason to change now. 20150903_192918 Step Six: Wait until it's preheated and then hear it beep from the other room and remember that you'd decided to cook something, run back to the kitchen, and throw the cheese-covered mounds of ingredients into the oven. 20150903_192935 Step Seven: Take them out and realize that cheese gets much smaller when melted. 20150903_193431 Add way more cheese and stick them back in. 20150903_193538 Step Eight: Eat both of them, alone in bed, and fall asleep. 20150903_194054