Hello everyone, it's once again time for Broke, Haphazard Cooking - WITH YOUR HOST - 20151020_151452ME! (shown here in a bathroom) This time we'll be making the best french toast possible


-All of your eggs (probably 2 eggs)

-Challah bread that you bought a LONG time ago (but kept in the fridge and is still good somehow)


-A lot of butter

-Syrup (also a lot)

Step One:

Dump a ton of cinnamon into your eggs, and scramble

Step Two: 

Slice your challah bread and dip it, slice by slice, into the egg (DO NOT LICK YOUR FINGERS or do) (Step Two-B: Make it look pretty for the internet)


Step Three:

Heat your pan, and about a tablespoon of butter, on your stove, until the butter is melted. Pick up the pan with some towels and swirl it around the pan until it's coated. (Lick your fingers) When it's hot, lay your egg-coated slices of bread on the pan.


Step Four:

Fully intend to save some for tomorrow

Step Five:

Don't save any for tomorrow.


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