So there are some very inconveniently convenient thrift stores near my job. Today I discovered a Goodwill, directly next to the dollar pizza place I go to, so on a lunch break when I intended to spend a single dollar on a single slice of pizza, I instead blacked out and shopped and spent $28.50 and THEN got pizza. The pictures are terrible but the clothes are GREAT! I left behind a really nice pink tweed blazer and a cool crocheted top but I got... (drumroll) 20151022_15570320151022_155555 The dress is J Crew, and a teeeny bit small for me but is really cute so IDC, Yes I am aware both of the sweaters are identical. And the Uniqlo shirt is so cute on - I know it looks generic here but the fabric (unidentifiable bc the tag is cut out but it FEELS like a cotton-poly blend) drapes really nicely and I basically got it to layer with sweaters all winter. I also hit up the thrift store across the street from me recently, and crossed all the plaid flannel off of my shopping list, leaving me with a complete fall wardrobe. If I post about shopping again before December, yell at me.