I'm Gabbie. I'm a generally goofy, caffeinated, motivational speaker. This is my blog. I'm 24, I live in Bushwick, Brooklyn, and when I'm not blogging or taking weird pictures, I'm an office manager at a marketing company in Manhattan. My boyfriend Conor and I like to go to museums, street fairs, and pretentious movies. My friends and I like to play video games, Magic the Gathering, and just generally laze about laughing incessantly. I like to dress, cook, explore, sew, take pictures, and make various socio-political stands, while I work towards a career in motivational speaking at middle and high schools. Paris When It Sizzles is a film with Audrey Hepburn and William Holden, about a young admin named Gabrielle falling in love with a screenwriter as she helps him work out his various crazy storylines through imagination sequences and real adventures.