I wish I had more pictures but I was literally too busy cooking and eating.   Friendsgiving was an amazing success, with friends bringing everything from cookies to casseroles and hundreds of pounds of mashed potatoes. I couldn't be more grateful. Also I can't feel my arms. People stayed until around 2 in the morning, and there is not a single bite of leftover food, which is amazing, and shows just how delicious everything was. One guest brought pecan bars that...they literally stole the show they were gorgeous. Everything I DID photograph is on Instagram, but honestly, there was no time. I marinated the turkey in red wine and pomegranate balsamic vinegar, and basted it with bacon fat 3 times while it cooked. It was really, really good. Everything was. Wow though I'm still so tired, I wish I could write more about it but my arms are actually weak. Thank you everyone for a perfect holiday party.