Hey everyone! It's the time of year where I become entirely possessed by the idea of continuously cooking and baking things and feeding people. To foster this insanity, I decided to host a Friendsgiving party, this upcoming weekend, and for the first time am mixing all of my various friend-groups. My college friends know a slightly more outgoing Gabbie, while my high school friends know a Gabbie who is quieter but stranger, and my shared-with-my-boyfriend-friends know a reasonably normal, very quiet Gabbie. These assorted Gabbies all live in my body, and are pretty accurate descriptions of those miscellaneous groups of people, as well. So the party should be interesting. I'm beyond grateful to have each person in my life, and as a part of my Smooth Year, hostessing all of them is going to involve a perfect array of food, entertainment, and activity options.

My menu thusfar is:

I've invited guests to bring sides, and a few people have volunteered desserts or side-dishes, and it's BYOB because, who has the money to buy booze for a whole party?

I won't be decorating, really, but I am going to bring the Echo out into the living room/kitchen area so the guests can control the music easily. (We will see how this goes) and I'm going to set up the buffet table area to look pretty.

This is the second time I've had the opportunity to host something at my apartment - the last was my birthday in March, which went pretty well but illuminated the problem of seating: I have none.

Ok not none- I have a couch, a few chairs, and bar stools by the breakfast bar, but I do not in any way have locations for 25+ people to put their butts while they eat. That having been said, I think I found the solution.

Extra-sturdy paper plates and pure hope.

Updates and recipes to come all throughout this week! Happy Friendsgiving Season, all!