Maybe it's because I sat an inch from the television for half of it, but I'm feeling the Bern. But it did feel a little bit like picking a favorite Spice Girl. If you really have to, you can narrow it down to two, but you like them all so much as a group and they have so much sass it's ridiculous. Some things I'm excited about: Hillary Clinton is a beast, I'd forgotten. I supported Hillary Clinton for President long before she ever ran for President. I was so focused on her and on the first female presidency and how wonderfully she speaks (seriously, she's perfect. perfect perfect I want her to just do TED talks for 100 years she's so good at it) that I never looked once at another Democratic candidate in primaries. I talked about it all the time. There is a STICKER on my fridge, not a magnet. Hill, I was so faithful. So I was excited to see you totally killing it as usual last night, even if (I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry) I want Bernie Sanders to be President more than I think I've ever wanted anything. I've donated to the campaign a bit (But Bern, I live in Brooklyn. I'm broke af. ) and done my research and been less and less shamefaced in using the word "socialism" to describe things I like, and I've looked into who's contributing to his campaign. It's all broke af 20-40somethings. Bernie doesn't just speak to us as a candidate. He speaks for us. The political money machine, where politicians are swayed by enormous donations from companies and superpacs with agendas is ruining our country. It's one of two things keeping us at a complete standstill, unable to compete on a global scale in education, healthcare, social justice, racial tension, and voter turnout (because the helplessness we feel as voters is DUE TO these big money influences). Wow wait sorry I was writing a list of things I'm excited about. Whatever, I'm excited about Bernie Sanders. I'm excited about his refusal to attack any other candidates, even when he came under huge fire for (pun) his votes on shield laws. Oh, things I'm not excited about : His votes on shield laws. Yes Bern I understand you were representing your voters, not your policies, and yes, it's important to look carefully at a case before faulting a gun store for gun-related injury and death, but I think you articulated yourself poorly in this one segment, because they were ganging up on you. But it was a bad time to stand behind that choice, on the nearly literal eve of two more mass shootings. OH Something I was excited about: Chafee reiterating to the NRA that we aren't coming to take your guns. We're not. We just want the ones invented for literal warfare, so that college students can stop murdering wide swaths of people at a time. Something I wish I could have watched: Webb sweating his ass off while Chafee was going off on gun control. Why did he say his favorite enemy he'd made was the dude who threw a grenade at him? That he killed? Why would you brag about shooting someone in Vietnam right now. With the current gun-violence tensions in America. And I liked you so much for the whole debate, Webb. And you got so weird just then. Something else I wish I could have watched: Literally anyone talking about police violence being out of control. Thank you Bern for touching on it, but I feel like racial tensions are REALLY high right now and they weren't near large enough a focus. Something else else I wish I could have watched: Bernie Sanders talking about Planned Parenthood. Thank you Hill for touching on it, but I feel like reproductive health tensions are REALLY high right now and they weren't near large enough a focus. Thank you CNN for the live-stream. Mine didn't work but we DVR'd it at Conor's place so we just turned off my computer, got on the train, walked half a mile, and watched it 40 minutes behind everyone else - which is why I didn't live-tweet it or anything. Totally worth it. But now I'm home sick, which is why my Facebook is a rude explosion of links and opinions right now - I got a flu shot for the first time, and I maybe might have had a sinus infection when I got it so now I'm ill and spending the entire day blogging about the debate and texting people about the debate and staring at my voter registration card lovingly. ANYWAY apologies for my fever addled ramblings, but if you haven't watched the debate yet, you should. The entire thing is up on CNNGO, you just need a cable login and password. Some info; click the logos to go to the candidate's website, all other links lead to Wikipedia! Chafee_for_President Hillary_for_America_2016_logo.svg Lessig_2016 O'Malley_for_President_2016_Logo Bernie_Sanders_2016_logo Webb_2016