Hey everyone! So the new year is perilously close and I had to decide upon a theme in myself to work on for all of 2016 As some of you know, 2015 was Smooth Year - I had a great time working on being more physically graceful, more emotionally stable, and socially relaxed. I've gotten better at thinking before I talk, better at hosting and keeping in touch with people (a little) and have started dressing much, much better. Creativity Year is something I'm very excited about (yes productivity year has been put off another year) and I can't wait to get back into a lot of hobbies that have fallen by the wayside since I moved. I used to sew and create sewing patterns a lot when I had free time - I'll be trying to work through more sewing projects instead of just conceptualizing and forgetting them this year! I'll be cooking more as well - going much more frugal this year as well so that Conor and I can go on vacations and maybe to a festival in summer. I have already started compiling recipes for inspiration and one big project I'd like to tackle is a go-to handbook to keep in my kitchen with some easy dinners with typical pantry ingredients - HOWEVER I'd also like to do one big cooking/baking project per week that is less about ease and budget and more about developing my cooking skills. I started life off as a writer - and only stopped when I met other writers and realized I wasn't as good. I think that being rejected from the creative writing major at my college was a huge discouragement for me, but actually, it was a small program and the competition was steep. This rejection led me down the path towards motivational speaking that I'm on now, so I'm grateful, but I'd also like to write creatively more than I do now. I've abandoned a lot of projects, so I plan to either start one and keep to it, or pick up an old favorite and see if I can really do this or not. Creative people also seek more creative inspiration than I do - this year I plan on branching out in my musical, film, and book tastes more than I have recently. With how busy things have been, I've been sticking to what I'm comfortable with when it comes to consuming media. I'll be getting out to more screenings, museums, and libraries this year! During Smooth Year, I did sort of refine my wardrobe a bit, but during Creative Year, I think I'd like to whittle my clothing down to what I do genuinely wear, so that I can be more creative with how I combine items into outfits. I'll also be re-arranging my room a bit (AGAIN I KNOW, SORRY CONOR) to put my bed and desk closer to the door, so that I can use the internet effectively in my room, and putting my dressers, mirror, and standing closet on the other side of the bed, sort of like a dividing wall between my living space and my storage space in my bedroom. This will also allow me to focus on DOING things in my room, as opposed to walking in, cleaning up, and then making it to my bed in the corner when it's time to go to sleep. This will additionally make it harder for me to use my desk and desk-chair as more closet, like I am now, because I won't be able to USE my room if those spaces are covered in clothes. Finally - I'm not the only creative in my life. My boyfriend, my best friends, my little brother, and every person in my office are all creative types. Smooth Year made me more capable socially - it's time to incorporate all those creative people in my life into my own habits! I love photography, why not learn more with Conor while he takes pictures? Engage with my brother a bit more about his major and see where he draws creative influence from. Maybe collaborate on a project with some friends - or make new, artistic friends with whom to do arts and crafts projects!   Conor and I are kicking off Creative Year with a blanket fort weekend. We'll be writing, watching movies, and planning for the new year together as soon as he gets back from his Christmas break in Massachusetts. I can't wait to get started and to see what I'm capable of!   Want to collab on something this year? Shoot me a message, or leave a comment! Looking forward to it! Check out my annual themes, and a little background on what I'm doing