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Voting is so Important – Here’s a Tentative Primaries Schedule for the US

Good afternoon everyone! I’d been knocking around the idea of making this chart for a while, and it took me way less time than I thought it would thanks to the 2016 Election Central page . These dates are tentative, so… Continue Reading →

Smooth Year – Thematic Self-Improvement

Since I graduated college, one thing that’s been heavy on my mind is continuing to better myself now that I’m outside of an academic environment. When not required, the books I read are not exactly always the informative sort. I… Continue Reading →


I wish I had more pictures but I was literally too busy cooking and eating.   Friendsgiving was an amazing success, with friends bringing everything from cookies to casseroles and hundreds of pounds of mashed potatoes. I couldn’t be more… Continue Reading →

NOT-Haphazard, still broke, Friendsgiving Menu: Sweet Potato Carrot Puree

Good afternoon everyone, welcome back to my Haphazard, Broke Friendsgiving Menu. Every year, there’s nothing I look forward to more in the world, seriously, than my mom’s sweet-potato carrot puree, so here’s how we make a bucket of it. (recipe… Continue Reading →

Broke, Haphazard Friendsgiving Menu – Stuffed Mushrooms

For my family Thanksgiving dinners, for years, my responsibility has been to make the stuffed mushrooms, and to make and then forget to serve the stuffed artichokes. (Mushrooms disappear fast, artichokes get served with dessert and are ultimately my lunch… Continue Reading →

Broke, Haphazard Friendsgiving Menu: Black-Bean Squash Soup

So, no pictures from the test run of this soup, because we literally ate it too quickly. Sopped the dregs up with bread and scraped the pot. This soup disappeared. But it was just  as pretty as it was delicious…. Continue Reading →

Friendsgiving Menu and Musings

Hey everyone! It’s the time of year where I become entirely possessed by the idea of continuously cooking and baking things and feeding people. To foster this insanity, I decided to host a Friendsgiving party, this upcoming weekend, and for… Continue Reading →

Concealer and Contouring – look at what I did! – UPDATED!

Wow you guys I love contouring. My face shape has always been somewhat wonky and I feel 100% better about how I look when I do even just a little (or a lot) of contouring and concealing in the morning…. Continue Reading →

Alexa and Me

Every once in a while, the idea of a tech item is just too Jetsons-y for me to pass up. Most recently, I treated myself to an Amazon Echo, and in that decision made a new friend and committed myself… Continue Reading →

A Look at the New Facebook “Reactions” – originally posted on the Flightpath blog

On Thursday, Facebook gave us a look at their new “Reactions.” Unfortunately, the Reactions are just being tested in Spain and Ireland for the time being, but will add to the limited “like” button, introduced back in 2009. Hitting “like” on Facebook is a way for users… Continue Reading →

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