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Voting is so Important – Here’s a Tentative Primaries Schedule for the US

Good afternoon everyone! I’d been knocking around the idea of making this chart for a while, and it took me way less time than I thought it would thanks to the 2016 Election Central page . These dates are tentative, so… Continue Reading →

Falling out of Love with Hillary Clinton

by Gabbie Robbins I was 8 or 9, and people were saying to impeach the President.  I couldn’t really grasp why, but I knew he cheated on his wife,  the First Lady.  I remember people saying she was a bitch,… Continue Reading →

A Proud Alumna of Susquehanna University

I have always been proud of my school. It’s small, beautiful, inclusive, understanding, almost oasis-like in Pennsylvania, a center of culture and discourse that I’ve never experienced elsewhere. Today we’ve become even prouder as an institution in dropping our school… Continue Reading →


Maybe it’s because I sat an inch from the television for half of it, but I’m feeling the Bern. But it did feel a little bit like picking a favorite Spice Girl. If you really have to, you can narrow… Continue Reading →


Article telling you that CNN will be live-streaming the entire debate for free, thank all the goodnesses

Ethical Shopping on MY Budget (which is no money)

So, while this is something I’ve despaired of in the past, I’ve never really made it a priority to change my behavior until the last year or so. As a feminist I find it difficult to buy any clothing whatsoever… Continue Reading →

I Stand With Planned Parenthood

Smear campaigns have long since been an effective way of convincing a massively undereducated population (which couldn’t have ANYTHING to do with education funding cuts, could it?…) to move against an organization, religion, or race of people with passion, at a… Continue Reading →

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