Good afternoon all and welcome back to Broke, Haphazard cooking, featuring your host, ME! Pictured here in pajamas playing video games. January_23__2016_at_1019AM As promised a really long time ago, here's a vague recipe I made for miniature vegetable pies, and also some other things!   INGREDIENTS:
  • Butternut squash (that you literally bought months ago and is 100% still good for some miracle reason)
  • Parsnips (also quite old)
  • Potatoes (they were selling 50lb bags for $5, was I supposed to NOT buy potatoes?)
  • Italian seasoning, pepper, etc
  • Biscuit dough (from a tube)
  • Lemons (optional but I put lemon in literally everything like a freak)
  • SUPER OPTIONAL (I didn't use it at all) ground turkey, pre-cooked.
STEP ONE: Haphazardly peel your squash using a vegetable peeler this time, because when I butchered that acorn squash a lot of people pointed out I could have just used a peeler. Peel as much of the squash as is possible, chop it up roughly, then peel the potatoes and parsnips and also chop them roughly. Toss them with olive oil in a bowl so they're all coated pretty evenly, add salt, pepper, and spices, and toss them around some more. STEP TWO: Throw them all in a deep-ish pan, and squeeze 1 lemon on top of it. Cover with tinfoil, bake at - you guessed it - 350 degrees until you can stick a fork through them easily (like 25-35 minutes) January_18__2016_at_1008AM STEP THREE: Remove from oven, and raise oven temp to 375 (I know, crazy) Don't uncover at all, that's just for the picture. Line cupcake pans with cupcake liners, and then line those cupcake liners with 1/2 of a biscuit. Fill those little shells with about 2 tablespoons of roasted veggies, and then cover them with the other 1/2 biscuit. January_18__2016_at_1013AM_-_Lemon-roasted_bu Bake for 9-10 minutes.   While those are baking, STEP FOUR: Clean the seeds that you definitely remembered to scoop out of the squash. Soak them in salt water, or just cover them completely in salt, whichever you prefer. (I like to do both, because I love salt and have no regard for my health) Put them in a tiny pan that your roommate has for some reason that's really cute, and stick them in the oven with your tiny pies, and forget about them. STEP FIVE: Realize you have two biscuits left and gosh it would be an enormous waste to not use them, right? Chop them up, and toss them with 1 beaten egg, and a ton of cinnamon and brown sugar (again - no regard for my health) Scoop into 2 cupcake fillers and, when you get the pan out, stick them in the oven for 10-13 minutes.   Finally, STEP SIX: Pull everything out, magically simultaneously even though I staggered everything and in reality did not pull everything out simultaneously because I did not plan whatsoever. Admire how beautiful your food is. Take pictures for the internet.   January_18__2016_at_1047AM_-_And_finally___miJanuary_18__2016_at_1011AM_-_Roasted_squash_sJanuary_18__2016_at_1100AM_-_Bonus_French_toa