For my family Thanksgiving dinners, for years, my responsibility has been to make the stuffed mushrooms, and to make and then forget to serve the stuffed artichokes. (Mushrooms disappear fast, artichokes get served with dessert and are ultimately my lunch for 3-5 days) There's nothing in the world like piling sweet-potato carrot puree onto  a gravy-soaked stuffed mushroom and then mashing stuffing on top of it and eating 5 of them. I hope to share that incredible experience with my guests this weekend. Ingredients: A lot of large mushrooms (as many as you figure you can eat personally x3-4) with the stems IN THEM Parmesan cheese Pecorino Romano Basil (THAT YOU GREW IN YOUR WINDOW THAT SOMEHOW GOT A SECOND WIND AND IS NOT DEAD) Garlic Breadcrumbs (more than you think you will need) Olive oil Oregano? Step One: Snap the stems out of your mushrooms, and clean both stems and mushrooms however you feel is the appropriate way to clean mushrooms. Lay your mushrooms out on your cookie sheet or relevant pan. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees, because as we've discussed, that is what we have always set the oven to, and there is no reason to change. Step Two: Chop as small as you have the patience to chop the stems of the mushrooms, and put them in a bowl with your bread crumbs. Chop up your garlic and basil as well (or use a cheese grater on your garlic which I totally would have judged someone for a few years ago but now find incredibly convenient). Add some of your cheeses and spices, but leave some cheese out for later. Add enough olive oil so that you can mold the mixture like wet sand, but not enough that it's muddy. Taste it. Does it  taste good? If not, keep adding things. If so, great! Next step. Step Three: How much of the stuffing did you eat? Step Four: Spoon the remaining stuffing into the mushrooms, packing it in and then piling it on and tamping it down to get literally as much stuffing in each mushroom as possible. Dust/Coat the mushrooms with your remaining cheese. Finally, drizzle them with olive oil and put them in the oven. Step Five: Sit on the couch with whatever stuffing is left, and a spoon, and wait until the kitchen smells like stuffed mushrooms. When it does, check that you can get a fork through the stuffing and bottom of one of the mushrooms, and then check to make sure that it fits in your mouth. Optional Step Six: Garnish the mushrooms with a little more parmesan and some whole basil leaves, or drizzle them with gravy if that's your thing. Optional Step Seven: Keep an eye out tomorrow for my mom's famous sweet-potato carrot puree recipe!