So, no pictures from the test run of this soup, because we literally ate it too quickly. Sopped the dregs up with bread and scraped the pot. This soup disappeared. But it was just  as pretty as it was delicious. Here's how I made it, and will be making it for Friendsgiving this weekend:   Ingredients: 1 can of black beans (washed and drained) 1 acorn squash (with the guts scooped out) 1.25 cup chicken broth (or other, relevant broth) pepper, chili powder, spices to taste (but you should) 1 clove garlic (believe me, there's nothing I love more than using more garlic than that, but just use one) Step 1:  Swoosh the black beans around in the can with some water, and then use the desiccated remnants of the can lid to strain the water back out. Do this a few times, until you get bored of doing it or until the beans look clean. Step 2:  Add the beans and 1 cup chicken broth to the pot on the stove, cover and let them begin to simmer. In the meantime, try to figure out how to scoop all the acorn squash out of an acorn squash. Settle for slowly slicing the 'skin' off with all of your knives, and cutting the orange flesh into smaller and smaller pieces. As you go, toss the squash slices and scoops that you remove into the pot on the stove. Step 3:  Borrow your roommate's Magic Bullet (blender, not vibrator) and dump as much of the simmering beans&squash into the bullet as you can fit. It will take apprx. 1/3 of it, and so you'll make 3 trips to your bullet with the soup ingredients. Puree. Step 4:  Dump pureed beans and squash into the pot again, add 1/4 cup of chicken broth, and take your garlic and run it over a cheese grater into the pot. Let sit on medium heat, covered, for like, a little while. Idk. Step 5: I covered this before, but just literally eat it, with bread. All of it. Stuff it all in your mouth. It's super good.